Domain networks

One of the APOLLON objectives is to ensure the sustainability of a cross-border network of Living Labs and activities after the project completion.

Sustainable Living Lab networks for each APOLLON domain were then established and launched for the four domais of Wellbeing, Health, Inclusion; Energy & Environment; eParticipation, Media & Creativity and Manufacturing leveraging the experience of the pilot (in cross border collaboration in Living Lab) in the Project.

The APOLLON Living Lab Domain Networks are designed to respond to the following two basic functions:

  • Spread information and best cases (based on the experience of cross border collaboration experienced in the project);
  • Offer cross-border Living Lab tests as-a-services (from a small number of Living Lab within the Domain Network identified by the process and before the official launch).

To this extent and based on the interaction with different project work-packages the Domain Living Lab networks were designed to operate on the following three levels:

  • 1st level – free SMEs access level, granting networking for cross border collaboration, first evaluation of SMEs need and expectations for operating in the domain;
  • 2nd level – access to Domain Network dedicated Services (i.e. consulting services) by accessing APOLLON Market place gateway (with services description, prices or quotations etc.);
  • 3rd level – establishment of specific collaboration for building projects and consortia partnerships.

The Services available from the Core Partners of the Domain Network are accessible from the APOLLON Market place at:

You can access full Domain Living Lab Network charters for the four APOLLON Domains at: