Imagina 2011 - February 1-2-3

3D technologies and design solutions currently representing a rapidly developing market, with applications across industry sectors and a double-digit growth rate; an exceptional achievement given the current economic climate. These tools have achieved also the role of supporting instruments indispensable in creating and accelerating the optimum decision-making process from initial ideas to maintainability programmes via marketing, research, development and different phases of simulation and visualisation.

In this background Imagina2011 gathered together professionals and experts from 3d and digital Media to discuss about: Urbanism and Landscape, Architecture, CG Prospective, Industry, Healthcare, 3D, augmented reality, Virtual Worlds.

imagina 2011

The conference hosted also a session ('Living Labs and Fab Labs') to present the APOLLON Project and the Living Lab approach. Many interconnections were established among the participant Living Labs (Issy Media, Innovalab - Bilbao, Levier, Virtual Dive and ThinkLab) with expression of interests in exchanging experiences and practices in the coming future.

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